Gene Ontology

The mission of the GO Consortium is to develop a comprehensive computational model of biological systems, from the molecular to the organismal level, for many species on the tree of life.

Why, for example, is the Open Genes database needed?

Still, we did a lot of work at Open Genes. At the beginning of the year, we had 70 somehow described genes in the database, and now we have 477, described much better. We probably became the biggest and well

General genes for longevity

What if we crossed two sets of genes: 323 genes associated with longevity in humans, and 166 human genes whose orthologs in animals affect their lifespan. Will we find a match? We have carried out such an analysis. It turned out 42.

About the length of genes

Ещё давно-давно, три года назад, когда начинали пилить Open Genes, мы с Костей Рафиковым обсуждали, что должны как можно больше физических характеристик записать в базу. Вдруг увидим какие-то интересные совпадения у генов, ассоциированных со старением и долголетием? Итак, что мы знаем о размерах генов?